Trailer Hitch Cargo Carriers


Draw Tite Hitch Cargo Carriers

Draw Tite Hitch Cargo Carriers that deliver an outstanding blend of durability and functionality. What makes Draw Tite the leading go-to brand in the market? Let’s take a look.

Tow Ready Hitch Cargo Carriers

Many Tow Ready Hitch Cargo Carriers are made from high-density composite materials that bring together incredible strength with lightweight design that makes them easy to mount into the hitch sleeve and convenient to handle when storing.

SportRack Hitch Cargo Carriers

SportRack Hitch Cargo Carriers are built for strength and durability. The 60x20 inch platform makes it ideal for hundreds of purposes. Tough construction features all tubular steel design that easily handles the carrier’s capacity of 500 pounds.

ROLA Hitch Cargo Carriers

What puts Rola Hitch Cargo Carriers out in front of the rest of the field? It starts with construction that delivers heavy duty performance in every way. Built with high strength steel and featuring strong welds these carriers are beefy without being too heavy to handle easily.

Surco Hitch Cargo Carriers

Surco Hitch Cargo Carriers are designed to give you more room in your vehicle for family and friends and allow you to still have along all the equipment and supplies you need to make the most of your outing. This combination of quality and versatility, along with competitive pricing...

Highland Hitch Cargo Carriers

The Highland Hitch Cargo Carriers are built from high grade steel that can take the punishment of the road and keep your stuff safe and secure. For example, many carriers feature a solid steel floor that prevents rocks and road debris from bouncing up and hitting your load.

Pilot Hitch Cargo Carriers

Pilot Hitch Cargo Carriers are crafted from high tensile tubular steel that is lightweight and super strong, a combination that makes the carriers easy to install for anyone. They go on and come off quickly so that you won’t have to waste time in the process.

Valley Hitch Cargo Carriers

Valley Hitch Cargo Carriers are crafted from steel that is powder-coated for durability and long life, even in climates where salt on the roads is a part of winter. Most carriers are constructed in two pieces that provide the easiest installation of any leading brand.

UWS Hitch Cargo Carriers

The first thing you notice about the UWS Hitch Cargo Carriers is that they are built out of aluminum. The advantages are obvious – lighter weight than standard steel for easier installation and a metal that simply will not rust. Choose bare aluminum or a black powder coated finish that can be painted to match your truck’s color or offset it nicely.

DeeZee Hitch Cargo Carriers

DeeZee is a company committed to building quality accessories to help you get more work done, things hauled more easily, and simplify the process and make it as safe as possible. They create products that show intelligent design, good quality and outstanding usability.

Curt Hitch Cargo Carriers

The Curt Company is working hard to make a name for itself by providing well-built products you can rely on for work, play or the necessities of life. They use the best materials they can get their hands on and use them to craft quality, versatile products.

Thule Hitch Cargo Carriers

Thule Hitch Cargo Carriers are enclosed box-style models that are anything but boxy. Nicely contoured to help you reach what’s inside, they keep your gear as dry and safe as if it were in the vehicle. The unit is easy to install into your hitch and the lid locks open while you are filling it.